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Done In One Day™

Have a punch list of design tasks you just want to get DONE? Then Done In One Day™ is the service for you!

Done In One Day ™ is a premium service that offers both quality and speed. During this day our singular focus is spent on completing your list of task/s or one big project. This VIP service is for anyone who has a list of design tasks that you don’t want to do or doesn’t have time to do. Or, Done In A Day can be used to focus on one specific task that you just want to be done- today.

One full day = 7 hours working time TBD


Tech Help

Have images you need edited in Adobe Lightroom?

Set up a scheduler in a program such as Acuity so you can book clients online.

Add or enhance pages on your existing website.

Design or set up a course on your chosen course platform.

Have a Squarespace website that needs some love, feels outdated, or just needs a general overall? Maybe you would like to make some simple design changes, add new content and images, a blog page, or do something custom using CSS. Here is the perfect opportunity take care of this with a skilled Squarespace designer in just one day!

WP maintenance beyond your monthly backups and updates.

Includes: content editing, image addition, optimization, scheduling of blog post, and more.

Marketing Help

A one day experience for building the foundation of a business. Helping you to gain a clear understanding of the ‘why’ and the ‘what’.

Learn Instagram strategy in this one day intensive! A VIP day to knock out a plan to increase your reach.

Spend a day with me creating a compelling, all encompassing marketing strategy for your emerging business.

Design Help

1-3 page website-simple- in one day.


Home, About, Contact.

While one day is not enough time for an extensive brand strategy project, it’s plenty of time to design a simple word mark, logo, procure stock images, plus create a brand board: colors, fonts, and some icons!

Have a laundry list of design / web work that needs to be done?

A website redesign is a process that one uses to recreate their site in a new look and feel. It’s the process of revamping your site, including updating content, refreshing layouts, and improving navigation for better conversions and site performance. This service is a perfect solution for people who aren’t necessarily looking to build a brand new site but looking to enhance their existing site with a new look and feel.

Maybe you want the ability to create all of your business asset yourself using Canva, but you need a designer to get you started. In one day, I will create a template library for you.

Let’s be honest, designing a slide deck or course graphics can take a long time! Spend a day working with me and gain headway on your slide deck, course presentation slides.

Tech Education

Learn Instagram in this 1:1 live interactive training. Set up your Instagram account, learn everything you need to know to use this powerful platform to drive your business strategy.

New to WordPress? Want to manage your website on your own or be able to make simple content and image additions? Just need to understand how to navigate the WP dashboard? You can learn all of this and more in one day.

Learn how to professionally edit your images In this hands on 1:1 lesson. We spend the session in Adobe Lightroom where I show you how to edit, enhance, crop, save and post your photographs. Whatever it is you would like to learn about image editing, we can review during our time together.

Adobe Photoshop is an impressive tool used by both professional photographers and graphic designers. Need to learn the basics? We spend the day in this 1:1 intensive doing just that.

Learn everything you need to know to build a website in Squarespace. In one day we will build a simple 5 page website ready for you to launch!

Business Help

On location photo shoot for your business. Brand photography, environmental photography, environmental portraiture. Professional images for your website and your Instagram account.

Includes shooting, editing and per-defined set of licensed images.


*travel fees may apply

Guidance for the emerging entrepreneur to start and grow your business.

If you are tired of your website not doing its job, you are not alone. The majority of people that I help come to me with a solvable problem.