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Thank you for your interest in our services. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch soon. You will receive an email with available 20-minute consultation slots to select from. During the call, we can chat more about your project objectives and answer any questions you may have!

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Once you hit send, we receive and review your form. We will reach out to you soon after. The first step in the process will be to gather information.

If we think the project is a good fit we will send over a scheduling link to set up a phone, Zoom, or in-person meeting to discuss your exciting new project idea.

Next, we will write a custom proposal. This document outlines the scope of work, cost, timeline, and any related project details. The proposal also includes information about additional fees such as hosting and website maintenance.

Once you’ve had time to review the proposal, we are happy to answer any questions you may have! We make revisions as necessary so that you are receiving the exact service you want.

When you are ready to move forward, we’ll draft the documents needed to start your project. Sign, pay your deposit, and begin preparing to have a great time working through the design process together!💃🏽

The best way is to fill out the ‘Start Your Project’ form.  You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

Once you schedule your design project, you will receive an email that includes the design contract for you to sign (online easy!) as well as the invoice for 50% due to secure your spot. The remainder 50% is due at the end of the project and to launch the website. 

Done In One Day projects: 100% is due prior the project working date. You may split payments 50/50 prior to the start date if that works better for you.

If you would like to explore other financial arrangements, please contact to discuss options.

We find it imperative to establish a strong client-designer working relationship from Day 1- we believe that all good design flows from that. Tiny Zen Studio emphasizes  collaborative effort with clear objectives, expectations and timelines set from the start. This allows for synergy, flow and harmony for the duration of our time together. 

We use Venmo and Paypal payment gateways for small to medium sized projects. We can also accept bank transfer for larger projects or recurring payments. Please contact with questions regarding payment options.

We provide design and consulting services for conscious creatives and heart centered professionals. So, life and yoga coaches and teachers, therapists, wellness professionals, mindfulness teachers and practitioners, holistic practitioners such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, and even creatives and non- profits! The people we work with have one main quality in common: helping others or creating positive impact in the world through action and/or creativity. Does this sound like you? IF so, we may be the perfect fit!

WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify. It really comes down to the scope of the project- some websites will be better suited for the WordPress environment, others in Squarespace. If you are looking to roll out an extensive e-commerce website, then Shopify would probably work best. Each person’s project, budget, and design aesthetic is different and so we will ask you questions during the onboarding process to help us determine which will work best for your situation.

‘Website content’ is both the written copy and the visual content that goes on the pages of your website. This is a crucial element of the web design project to ‘get right’. We require all website copy and visual content to be complete prior to starting the build of your website! While we are happy to provide you with lots of helpful information, resources, and worksheets to get you started in crafting your perfect content copy and message, we do not provide a ‘content copy service’. We do however, provide an image content service that can be added to any project or website build. 

For any website build, you are responsible for securing your domain name- we are happy to help guide you in that process. For WordPress sites, we generally recommend going with one of our maintenance plans where hosting costs and management are included. Squarespace operates on a subscription service- we can guide you on how to set up your account if you will be going with a Squarespace website.

Our goal is to create a website that you love, that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for both quality of work and service. We do not offer refunds for websites once you’ve booked a date, signed the contract and put down the 50% deposit. Make sure that you are ready for the website building process! We will bring our best skills to make your website or project dream a reality! 

Yes!! We want you to know first that we love what we do. Equally, we believe that great results happen when there is strong ties of communication with the client and transparency at each stage of the process. We keep you updated throughout the project duration and require your approval sign-off at various milestones along the way.

We dont want any surprises except for the fun ones like the excitement you’ll experience when we launch your beautiful new website! We want you to feel confident and relaxed with what’s happening wherever we are in the process.