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Website Consulting Services

Preplanning services for website design and marketing strategy

You already know the importance of a solid web presence. Your business is unique and I want to make sure that’s captured in your website strategy. 

What is it? Who is it for?

The first thing I do with any website build is a discovery session. This is essentially a deep dive into your business. We examine where you are at, and where you want to be. We examine the problems that your business is currently facing and from that gain a shared understanding of what success looks like for you.

The discovery session allows us to build you a roadmap for your website. We’ll be able to create a plan that saves you both time and money by finding the most effective solution for your business.There is a ton to learn about your business, your customers, your offers – if we work together, we want to ensure that we get this web build right! 

What’s included?

The deep discovery call is a Zoom working session where we go over your business needs, your site goals, and your customers/users. We’ll discuss any analytics and current conversation data you’ve shared, and we’ll build a site map, and create some low fidelity wire-frames. And finally we will identify any special functionality your website may require and how we would set that up. I also like to touch on high level marketing strategy, so ’next steps’ after a website build. So you can see the big picture and how it all fits together.

Time Frame: 

The actual working session generally is 2.5 hours. I find that this is perfect amount of time to get everything we need onto the table. 

You will also receive session prep materials one week prior to our scheduled time together.

Once our session is complete, I take everything that we discussed during Discovery and build out a roadmap and a complete proposal for the project moving forward.  


If we decide that working together on the web build isn’t a good fit – you have an entire plan that you can follow to either build the site yourself, or hire someone else. Or come back to it later with me when ready.

The other great part of this is that when you are ready to move forward on your full website build, we subtract the cost of the Deep Discovery session from your website invoice! Truly a win win investment.

Discovery Sessions are also a great way to see if we’d be a good fit to work together over the course of a full web design and/or marketing strategy project. They are also good for people who have the intention to build a website but aren’t quite ready for the full website.


Investment: from $1150


What is it? Who is it for?

Voxer is a free messaging app.This is for people looking for 1 day of 1:1 Voxer support  to help make things happen in your business.
In a nutshell, you get access to me 1:1 for an entire day on and off using Voxer (a free walkies-talkie voice/ text message app) and I get you moving in a hugely impactful way. This is NOT a single 60 minute coaching call and it’s NOT long term mentoring…. it’s a full day of me helping you to make progress in some facet of your business that you are needing support with.

What’s types of support can you offer during our day?

A Day of Voxer can be structured or unstructured. Here are some ways I can help you:
  1. Re-write your website content to support on page SEO best practices.
  2. Conduct deep SEO keyword research.
  3. Develop a 6 month marketing strategy with tactics supportive of your business goals
  4. Optimize your social media accounts, create content, ie. visual curation, keywords, set up a social media scheduler so that you could begin to be more active with your social media efforts without feeling like you need to spend so much time per month making that happen
  5. Set up your scheduler, calendar, put in place anything that will help automate your workflow
  6. Troubleshoot / implement website tweaks,fixes and customization to your existing website
  7. Set up an email subscribe list and strategy on how to build your list / create content
  8.  Generate a list of topics related to your SEO keywords, and help you ‘calendar’ those topics to write on/ create a video on, etc. so you can begin adding some content to your website
  9. Help you move forward with anything you are wanting to do but don’t have the time or know how on to do it on your own.

Time Frame: 1 working day + session prep materials one week prior to our scheduled time together.

Investment: $750


What is it?

Are you struggling to connect with your ideal client? You don’t have to any longer! In this session we work together to solve that problem by developing a custom marketing plan.

What we do during our session:

  1. Refine your vision and identity your business goals. 
  2. Define your core services.
  3. Identify your ideal client.
  4. Learn how to connect your ideal client with your service.


What’s included?

  • 90-minute phone or zoom session
  • pre-session material to help you prepare for the session

Time Frame: 90 minutes plus time for you to complete pre- session materials

Investment: $350


Coming up with a targeted marketing strategy can be challenging. Overwhelmed with where to start? 

What is it? Who’s it for? Are you done with doing all the things? Are you struggling to keep up with multiple social media platforms, email marketing lists, website SEO, and content creation demands? 

If you are, a slow marketing approach may be for you. 

With ‘slow marketing,’ we decide which one tactic would be best for you and your business and build a deep strategy around that. It’s a very effective and efficient way to manage your marketing strategy. You may come to enjoy the process because it’s much more organic in approach. 

What we do:

We delve into how to connect your ideal client with your services. 

We decide which one core strategy on which to focus

We define critical tactics associated with the chosen strategy. 

What’s included?

  • 90-minute call
  • Session prep materials 


  • 3-month actionable plan

Time Frame: 90-minute call + session prep time

Investment: $450

Multi-session: 4 sessions: $850

Included in multi-session option: 

  • One 90-minute call
  • Session prep materials 
  • Three 45-minute monthly focus sessions

If you are tired of your website not doing its job, you are not alone. The majority of people that I help come to me with a solvable problem.