Tiny Zen Studio

Boise WordPress web designer crafting innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide.



Hey there, my name is Kim, founder of Tiny Zen Studio.

I’m a Boise WordPress web designer and visual artist.

I help conscious creatives and emerging entrepreneurs create awesome, intentional websites.

I love to design, build, and launch websites while supporting people who are engaging in meaningful work.

My mission is to help you build a website that articulates a strong and clear intention behind your work. I value the client – designer partnership and treat it as such. I believe that project collaboration is essential for an effortless flow of idea into creative output.

Before entering the design phase, I’ll assist you in clarifying your project vision. We begin by establishing your project objectives with focused and measurable goals. We create a timeline that will keep the project on track and schedule in feedback sessions to ensure that you are happy with the outcome each step of the way.

…on a personal note…

I began college life at the University of Washington going for a BFA in Graphic Design and Fine Art Photography but ended up graduating from Prescott College in Arizona a dozen years later with a BA in Adventure Education and a minor in Social Documentary Photography.

After that, I went on to become certified in Web Development & Design through Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California, because I love understanding formulas and solving puzzles. Coding checks both of these boxes for me.

Those years in between were the years meditating and photographing in India- I fell in love with the people and the essence- She teaches us that “Anything Is Possible.” 

If I’m not designing, you can usually find me outside, in nature, being active, or practicing meditation.

My morning isn’t complete without a strong cup of joe, writing, and some form of physical activity.

I’m a wanderlust of both the inner and outer landscapes- different corners of the globe fascinate me but I can also be quite content finding my cushion or strumming the guitar.

A favorite thing about the business is being creative and sharing that with others. Helping people realize their project vision inspires!

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A good web designer will work with you in first understanding your website vision and objectives. They will help you find brand clarity and from there articulate a design that expresses beautifully your project vision. One that both attracts your intended audience and makes it easy for them to take action.